PJSC South Ore Mining and Processing Plant (UGOK)

SVITEKS company carried out a deepening of cyclic-and-соntinuous technology up to level of 210 m at PJSC South Ore Mining and Processing plant.

For this purpose
there were carried out excavation, timbering, construction and installation of mining equipment of the following mining roadways:
- draw-well of primary crushing;
- LK -9 shaft;
- transfer unit No 5;
- extensible part of the shaft 1 KT.

Vilkul A.O., Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, and Korolenko M.K., the minister of industrial policy of Ukraine were present at the primary phase of commissioning of cyclic-and-
соntinuous technology.

The construction of the second phase of cyclic-and-соntinuous technology and its commissioning were put in force in the second part of 2014.