About the Company


On 26th of May 2018 SVITEKS company celebrated its 21th anniversary

PE SVITEKS is in production in construction market of Ukraine. Our customers include the following enterprises of Ukraine: PJSC North Ore Mining and Processing Plant (SevGOK), PJSC DTEK Pavlogradugol, PJSC Central Ore Mining and Processing Plant (TSGOK), PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih, PJSC South Ore Mining and Processing Plant (UGOK).

Main work activities of our enterprise:

  • - mining of inclined and vertical shafts;
  • - construction of chamber mine roadways, including crushing and bunker complex;
  • - mining of horizontal roadways: adits, cross-cuts, drifts, etc.;
  • - special excavation with preliminary rock supports;
  • - installation and adjustment of underground equipment.
  • More than 200 skilled highly qualified specialists work at our enterprise.
  • We have our own material and technical resources for preparation of production and repair of equipment.

  • When excavating, we can perform blasting works using blasting materials of our customer, as well as our own blasting materials. The enterprise has appropriate permits to perform such type of works.

  • SVITEKS company can perform any excavation work, as well as install mining equipment. 


Director of PE SVITEKS V. B. Stashevsky


Technical support

SVITEKS company has the following equipment for excavation by drill and blasting method:

- self-propelled drill rig Boomer-282 – 2 units

It is a two boom self-propelled drill rig produced by Atlas Copco with high-performing rock drills, automatic control system of drilling direction. Drill rig is moved by independent diesel drive.

Drilling drive is electric. Maximum drilling diameter is 89 mm. It is possible to drill by Symetrix system that provides drilling of protection shields for special excavation up to 15 m in length. One boom is telescopic, thus it makes possible to drill blast holes for anchor chain, as well as to install anchors of Swellex type using water pump on the driller.

There is a tool set for Boomer drill rig reequipment for well drilling.

The drill rig is equipped with diesel engine with effective catalysts for the movement purposes.

- underground loader ST 1030 – 2units


Loaders ST-1030 are also produced by Atlas Copco and have loading capacity up to 10 tons of mined rock. Machines are equipped with high-performing gas cleaning system. There is a tool set for Boomer drill rig reequipment for well drilling.

- underground loader ST-7 – 1 unit


Loader ST7 produced by Atlas Copco has drilling capacity of 7 tons and equipped with automated machine control system (RCS).

- underground loader KSSM-9 – 1 unit


KSSM-9 of Japanese company Kawasaki. It is an analogue of ST-1030, which is capable to transport from the place up to 9 tons of mined rock at once.

The enterprise has two-stage grouting pump of Atlas Copco company - Unigrout Miniflex-11 100-12 for special excavation purpose by method of soil advance grouting.

Supply of compressed air is carried out by compressor of Dalgakiran company.

- DVK-75 – 5 units 
- Tidy-50 – 7 units

There are winches for slushing of mined rock:

- LS-30 – 5 units;
- LS-55 – 4 units;
- LS-100 – 2 units.

There are also available sinking headgear, lifting machine, sinking buckets, grab loaders, winches and shaft formwork for excavation of vertical shafts up to 8 m in diameter.

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