PJSC Central Ore Mining and Processing Plant (TSGOK)

PJSC Central Ore Mining and Processing Plant has been our regular customer since 2009. SVITEKS company has constructed a crushing and bunker complex for cleaning- up to working level of 567 m. An engineering of a new level of 607 m is in prospect. This crushing and bunker complex consists of:
- 567 m level tipper chambers, excavation volume of mined rock - 2296,4 cu m;
- 651 level crusher chambers - 3157, 7 cu m;
- 680 level conveyor and feeder chambers - 1706,2 cu m;
- 680 level weighing hopper chambers - 876 cu m;
- other roadways of crushing and bunker complex  - 3442,1 cu m;
- total mining volume amounts to 11478,4 cu m.

The works were carried out by drill and blasting method. The rock hardness amounted to 11 -20 according to Protodyakonov's rock hardness scale.

Uniqueness of works related to chamberdispenser excavation was in carrying out of these works in working mine shaft without protective shaft pillar or platforms. This fact was described in the collection of scientific works of Kryvyi Rih Technical University.

During the special project the company moved down crusher parts through the mine shaft using a winch PKTI- 40. The weight of the heaviest crusher part was 24 tons.