Artem 1 Mine

SVITEKS has been working on the construction of two-way crosscut of Artem – 1 Mine at the level of 1135 m.  The project includes sinking operations, roadway lining by ankers and shotcreting, planking of moving track, arrangement of groove ladderway, intercalation of communications.

Cross-sectional area of roadway mining is 16.75 sq. m, rock hardness amounts to 16-18 according to Protodyakonov’s scale. Roadway mining was carried out by means of UBSH drill rig, PPN-3 loading machines, hauling of rock mass by VG – 4.5 and mining locomotive KR-14.  Drilling blastholes for anchers is made by means of UBSH drill rig, shotcreting roadway lining  by PN-300 shotcrete gun.